23 April 2019
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Petrakis Monastery of the Asomatoi
14 Ioannis Gennadios Street
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The Petrakis Monastery is located in the densely populated area of Lycavitos district. One of the earliest katholikon (=the most important building-church- in a monastic complex) of the Middle Byzantinine is the one of the monastery of the Incorporeal (Moni Asomaton).  It is almost know as the Petrakis monastery almost adjacent to the Evangelismos hospital. In 1840, the abbots (Hgoumenoi), of the Monastery, constitute the members of the Petraki family, and continued to keep the monastery alive, keep on reconstructing it and ornament it. The church is a tetrastyle cross-in-square with dome and build with rubble masonry and the cloisonne style adopted only on the higher reconstructed part only on the higher parts. Due to various repairs the dome of the church with a high tympanum does not belong to a Byzantine style, but this is due to the renovation took place on the 17th century.  The church has three external semicircular apses, three-lobed wide high windows of equal height, and the rubble masonry denotes earlier architectural techniques and archaic traits that can allocate the dating of the building in the second half of the 10nth century. A large narthex (=frontal door) with dome, replace the original narthex in the 19nth century. The present exonarthex was added in the beginning of the 18nth century, when the katholicon extended to the west. A very important 18nth century painter named Georgios Markos with rich oeuvre, cover the interior wall in 1719. The Monastery is under the jurisdiction of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.
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