23 April 2019
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Monastery of Pantocrator Ntaou
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The Byzantine Convent of Pantokratoros (Ruler of All), Tao “Ntaou“ Penteli, lies on the eastern slope of Penteli Mountain in the outskirts of Athens. The today's katholikon is dated in the post Byzantine period, but according to numerous Byzantine sculptures and wall integrated inscriptions, become evident that it must have been founded on an older building dated to the middle Byzantine period (10nth century), and renovated around the twelfth century. The central dome is supported in six tall pilasters and three of smaller dimensions. The katholikon is a hexagonal one, a type that often encountered in Armenia and Georgia.  During the Ottoman occupancy the Monastery was looted by the Turks and terminates its functions for over a century.  According to a post Byzantine religious document (sigillium), the Monastery was renovated in the second half of the 16nt century. The katholikon of the monastery remains intact since then.  In the second half of the 17nth century, the Monastery was destroyed again, this time by Algerian pirates who slaughtered all the monks (179). Their relics are displayed in a sacred building inside the monastic complex. The Monastery closed again this time for more than 250 years.  In 1963 the Monastery was reconstructed and functions as a nun's coenobium. Nowadays the monastic complex consists of the katholikon, the Refectory and the cells. The defensive tower still exists in the entrance gate.  School of Byzantine music, workshops of hagiography and waxworks and an atelier for Exercising the art of sewing liturgical vestments actively operates in the monastery.The Monasteries are under the jurisdiction of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

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