23 April 2019
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Monastery of Kaisariani
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The katholicon (main church) of the monastery dates back to the 11nth century, and the building surrounding the monastery belongs to the Ottoman period. It is of tetrastyle cross-in-square type with octagonal dome. Instead of the undulating dentil cornices that usually ornaments the Athenian domes; the particular dome is of a rectilinear form. Eight single lobed windows flank the dome. Two rows of brick arches also surround the dome.  The masonry, in the cloisonne system is void of ornamental brickwork. In the post Byzantine period a narthex was added to the west side. A vaulted-roofed chapel was attached to the south side dedicated to Saint Marcus, added during the Franks period. The original decoration of the katholikon was ruined and today, the sanctuary and the nave are decorated with early 18nth century mural following the stylization and iconographic type of the Cretan painters.

From 1682 up to 1716 the monastery was under the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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