23 April 2019
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Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport (AIA) has been constructed and operates under a Public-Private Partnership considered pioneer worldwide. 'Athens International Airport S.A.' is the company responsible for the operation, management and development of the airport for a 30-year concession period initiated in 1996. Committed to operational and service excellence, safety and user-friendliness, AIA has been serving Greece's capital since the opening date March 28th, 2001, offering to all airlines and passengers a modern, spacious and state-of-the-art environment.

Besides its 24-hour ample capacity, AIA's key driver for the achievement of operational excellence and high quality services is its Customer Centric Philosophy, the backbone of which is the principle that each and every customer is unique. The extrovert expression of this principle is declared through the '...caring for more' motto which guides AIA to offer quality of services and facilities that go beyond the standards offered at most of the airports worldwide, making each moment at the Athens Airport a pleasant experience for the travellers and the visitors.

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Time Out guides London, Pariscope introduces Paris, Athinorama leads Athens. Since 1976 when the first volume was issued until today, athinorama has been synonymous with the city life as a guide to entertainment and culture. It is a well established title to the citizens of Athens. With its ideology, aesthetics, quality, initiatives, its innovative ideas and its bold point of view, has shaped the well being of the contemporary Greeks through culture, gastronomy, traveling and the philosophy of leisure time.

Athinorama knows Athens better than anyone else. The cultural events, the hangouts, its breath, its flavours, the most beautiful spots, its particular features, the people. Through its printed and electronic version, covers constantly what's new and interesting in the city, sets trends and is the indispensable tool for guiding the citizens of Athens with its deep knowledge and point of view.
On Athinorama pages, (both printed and electronic) readers can find everything about recreation, entertainment and things to do on their leisure time so that they can make the most of the city based on the daily updated information that Athinorama provides.
The role that athinorama played in the cultural city events and its significant impact, have been highlighted by two of the most important institutions of the city, the Gastronomy Awards of "Toques d' Or" and the "Theatre Audience Awards". The "Toques d' Or" reward the best restaurants of Greece while the Greek Cuisine Awards showcase the noteworthy efforts to promote the traditional and also the creative Greek cuisine which is dynamically being developed the past years in Greece.

The "Theatre Audience Awards" offer the opportunity to athinorama readers to reward every year the best theatre plays, the directors and the actors that stood out and all the people that contribute to the success of a theatre production, motivating this way the new forces of the Greek theatre and honouring its distinguished people.

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